Saturday, July 23, 2016

Caterday with Mindy and Mike

Our Caterday started out with lotsa fog.  So we decided to stretch out our naps.

Also our human beans were doing some home improvements.   It is best to snooze through anything like that.

 Yes, Mike, I would agree.  Although,  last time I looked out of the window, it was quite sunny, warm and no sign of mist, fog or whatever.
I think I heard our mombean starting up the lawnmower.

She was almost finished when she came into the house to report to dadbean and us that she got stung by this critter or something close to it!  A hornet maybe??

In two places - on her ankle and knee.  The grass cutting was definitely over for today!  She says she is lucky that there is very little swelling and just some redness and only "stings" a bit.......yup, she felt those stings.   She should have stayed inside  and curled up with us and  a good book!!

PS ... Mindy here, I had a dental cleaning last Wednesday.  My mouth is still sore, but I have meds - in a paste form which get applied to my ear!! - to help with that.  I get only soft food for now, which I like.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.  



Saturday, July 16, 2016

Caterday Friends

Good day everyone, we want to introduce you to our kitty neighbors.

This is Bruno
 He lives next door to us.  He is a big kitty!

This is  Maddi
She also lives close by and is Bruno's mama.

Both kitties are our neighbors and sometimes our humans give them their meals when their people are away.

Not to compare too closely - I used to be almost as large as Bruno!
I am older, so I have slimmed down (not my idea) a bit.  The vet says I am doing fine for an old guy.

 Compared to those three, I am the smallest - and cutest ;)

We wish our visitors a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our Garden on Wednesday

The warmer days are here at last!  We were a bit worried because of some cool, windy days earlier.  Feels like summer.

This plush, soft, throw is across the end of the bed I like to sleep on.   It was a gift and if you are a Dr. Who fan, you will recognize the phone box theme. It has become my favorite nap spot.

I am frequently on the kitchen counter top.  It is especially important to snoopervise preparation of our meals.  I even offer to help out.

Oh, yes, we would like to show you some of the flowers in our garden.
 This is a honeysuckle bush in bloom.  The bees like these blooms.

....and these flowers plant themselves here and there wherever they please.
Our mom'bean' calls them columbine

A couple of years ago we put up a birdhouse
...and finally we have tenants!  A family of chickadees.  Looks like it needs a new paint job though.

Other birds come into our garden as well
The yellow bird is a goldfinch

A purple finch is at the feeder now.
if you look on the left, you can see a bird in flight, attempting a landing on the other side.

What else can we show you?
Oh yes, our birdbath.  It seems to be used by the birds for drinking water.

There you have it, hope you enjoyed the garden tour!

Have a great day,
purrs from Mindy & Mike

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Monday Breakfast

 Really?  It's Monday - again?

Mike & Mindy
 What is going in that bowl for our breakfast Mindy?

Look at this
 Do you think there is enough for both of us?

Oh, look
 found this and it is open!!

Dream on Mike, but I do not think we will get that for breakfast.

Well, dear friends, what will you have to start your day/week off right?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday, Monday.....

and summer is definitely here with sunshine and warmth.

  This is my favorite spot, on the coffee table, for keeping track of all that goes on.  However, today is a quiet day, too warm to do anything that requires excessive use of energy.

 I agree totally with Mindy, I am snoozing in my favorite office chair.  I am supposed to be helping with today's post, but a quick nap is important too.

We want to wish our friends in the USA a very happy

July 4th!

 photo by:  
The Coffee Shop Blog 

If you are suffering from the summer heat, perhaps looking at this photo will make you feel cooler?

Here is one that mombean took a few days ago.  We live by the North Atlantic Ocean and there are lots of opportunities to take photos of waves. 

Purrs from Mindy and Mike

Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1st - Canada Day!

Happy 149th Birthday Canada!

 I want to wish Canada a Happy Birthday as well.  I hope they don't bring out those fireworks though.

Do we get treats?  That will make up for all the fuss today.
Can we put our orders in now?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Tabby Team is now Two

In just eleven days our tabby family members have gone from four to only two.  How can that be possible?  We lost Cookie to heart failure June 18 and with great sadness we share our heartbreaking news about Moe.  

Moe has succumbed to widespread and incurable cancer, which he had kept hidden from us.  
He had lived with us and brought us immeasurable joy for fifteen years.  Our first kitty in fact.  It is going to be hard to adjust to life without him. 

For the moment we prefer to remember his days when he was healthy and enjoying his life.  We have many happy memories of better days.

 with dadbean

a younger Moe

Moe in a snoozing spot

Moe, kitchen, a few years ago

 Moe getting ready for tests and surgery.
....... and his last photo.
Chase your dreams Moe, free of pain, and knowing how loved you were.  We are the richer for having you in our lives, although it will take your human beans a while to mend their broken hearts.
2001 - June 24, 2016

Sadly missed by mombean, dadbean, Mindy (his littermate) and Mike

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Farewell Cookie

Last week we said goodbye to Cookie

He died of heart failure, June 13, 2016, after living with his condition for a very long time.  He was also a cancer survivor - and then he went blind five years ago.   He lived to be 19 years, at least we estimate that he was about that age.  None of us know his beginnings in life and he didn't share them with us, as he simply lived in the moment.  He had spent his last nine years happily with all of us and we miss him.

We will share some of the good times we had with Cookie over the years.

He was very helpful when TeamTabby was working on a blogpost.
He made sure we posted pictures of all of us and of course snoopervised while our mombean got the 'news' typed and ready to send.

Cookie in the office chair - if you are supervising the posts - where else would one be?

Cookie's favorite room was the office.

He really liked this pink rug, says it gave him the most comfy nap spot.

 In the dining room where he could watch all the proceedings.....or is that his opportunities?

 Do any of you like to get up on top of the refrigerator?

We miss you lots, Cookie.  We know, as you crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" you had lots of furriends and your furrcousin angels, waiting to greet you.
Always in our hearts

Purrs and love from,
dadbean, and mombean Nina

Thank you Zoolatry
for this lovely graphic in remembrance of Cookie

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tabbies on Thursday

Last time we reported, we had snow in our yard.  Not now!

The grass and weeds are leaping up from the ground, and the pheasant is almost able to hide from the camera in them!

Dadbean,that is exactly the right spot! 

Our humans took advantage of the good weather and joined a walk.

Here is what it is about:

They chose the walk near the harbour and the power generating station.

Lots of people joined in

including dadbean and aunti bean

I did not sign up for the walk, I rested up instead.

Me too!
One more thing, our amaryllis has decided to re-bloom.
 Perhaps our mombean has a 'green' thumb after all!

 Enjoy the coming weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Snowed Again!

Yes, you read that right!  We did get some snow, not much, but enough to cover the ground.

and the roof!

our yard, too - but it won't last long.

 I have the office chair to snooze on - I'm supposed to supervising our blog post.

 I have a chair as well. It is situated - downstairs - so that I can keep watch on all that goes on, especially what happens in the kitchen.

 I have snacks,  handy - in my nap spot.

That leaves me to actually keep a watchful eye on things.

We are looking forward to the return of the sun and warmer weather, which we did have - just not today.

So, visitors, we want to know how 'your' day is going!
Let us know