Friday, August 29, 2014

Finally Friday

Mike and Moe:
We've had such a busy week patroling the perimeter of our house and checking out of the windows into our yard looking for introoders.  However, we are still on duty  - we are just taking a break.  We deserve it!

Grooming is very important and I need to look absolutely perfect for when our mombean brings out that flashy box and takes my photo!!

At last I got to have some quality time with my dadbean.  Okay, maybe I had to yowl and get his attention.   this works as you can see, least for me!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


One more word from us - if you haven't been over to Sparkle's Blog to leave a note on her commentathon,  please do:
Sparkle the Designer Cat 

for each comment you make, a donation will be made to cats in need at Tabbys Place 

We think this is a wonderful way to honor a very special cat, gone too soon.

Remembering Sparkle