Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, Labour Day and Getting Back To Normal!

Today is a holiday called Labour Day.

People get a holiday from working, well some people still have to work, but most people use this day to take a late summer trip and it is a bonus if the weather is good - which it is today.

Our 'beans have already had a holiday and got back a few days ago.  They were on the 'other' side of our country visiting with their son #1 in Vancouver.

Here is dadbean at a Mexican restaurant.

They were gone for ages - well it seemed like that.

Mike and Cookie stayed with our furcousins

A neighbour came to look after Mindy and Moe as they are not on medications.  Our neighbour does not like giving Cookie and Mike their meds - afraid she would get the meds wrong etc. 

Things are back to 'normal'.

Mike on furrniture and Moe on cat mat.
 Here is normal - making sure we gets lots of rest and lots of cat hairs all over this futon and floor mat.  Yes, we like cat naps and everything back to 'normal'

I think I have the best snoozing spot!

I am back in my own house with a comfy bed and a snack close by.
My vacation was great and I got lots of food and loves, but I like normal too!

Hope everyone's day is great - or at least 'normal'