Monday, December 16, 2013

Bird Watching

There is an evergreen tree right outside this window.  This is a fantastic spot to watch birds.  They are soooo close!  I can almost taste them! 
 Now if the window was open for that wouldn't work because it is cold outside.  It is not officially winter, not until the 21st, but it sure feels like it.
Here is a photo of the road on Friday night when my mombean had to go out and get better snow tires.
Especially since a major snow storm was predicted for Sunday morning.
The snow did arrive and we got about a foot of it - then it started to rain.  Very messy!  Glad I am inside!
Here is a photo taken on Saturday, between the two storms.
This shows the big bay that we live on, just as the sun was setting.
It is lobster season, but no boats are out fishing due to ice.  We are supposed to get milder temperatures this week - I hope so!