Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Wildlife

Here is a look at our backyard.  As you can see we have these two visitors - the third 'vishus' deer is not in view, but lurking close by.
I watched these two for quite a while, they came over to the bird feeder to feast on cracked corn and sunflower seeds. 
Our feeder attracted this duck a few minutes later.  As you can see, our lawn is only just starting to look a little bit green, Spring is slow here this year!
The duck was joined by another duck, then by
 our resident pheasant.
I wonder what they are discussing?

Here is stray kitty, the one we have talked about before.
However, we have discovered that this kitty has a home not to far from where we live.  It moved into our neighbourhood in December, about the time we started seeing it.  Our mombean says it is attracted by our birds at our feeder.
We now call it introoder cat, and it has a yard of its own.
We do all we can to scare it off,  we are good at growling and hissing when it comes up on our works, it is a scaredy cat!