Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday to Saturday Night

It seems mom and dad are going away tonight. They are going out of town until the weekend. No one is available to help us wif our blog. Tall Son is no good wif blogs at all. He doesn't even like blogs. Guess what? He doesn't read ours.

We thought we should make the most of things and post some pictures at least.

I am, bored wif da picture t

There's that flashy box again (sigh).

Wasn't too bad this time, mom figured out how to take a picture this evening wifout using the flashy gizmo. Ahhh, sweet relief..........Mindy

Mom wanted us to put these pictures on our blog. Huh, it's stuff that she has in da kitchen. She thinks its cool "cat" themed things. Beans are really weird. "None" of these actually look like real cats, nope, never. We didn't want to hurt her feelings, tho.

For instance, this one, orange with purple stripes!

And this big plate, hanging over the door to "our" room. Good thing she didn't remember to get a picture of da curtains!

Hope they won't be gone too long, we might get lonely. Tall Son will be away day hunting or sometimes it's night hunting - he never tells us ahead of time. He doesn't understand the importance of giving us our meals and snacks on time - he's not well
trained like mom.

We won't run out of food in da meantime - we gots a big bag and some cans of stinky goodness. Eating is a good way to pass the time until they get back.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Winsome Wednesday

Look at dis picture.....this is how we are going to spend today. It's easy when there are TWO chairs. We needs our own space for each of us.

Our furcousin,Mickey likes our blog, so gave us an award:

We would like to send this award along to Sunny, Ramses, and Tamra Maew

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tabby Tuesday

It's my turn to pose for to Tabby Tuesday. Mom put this pretty red towel on my chair so I can feel comfy and look good too. I like to look good!

Now I have something special for all cats (and woofies too). Mom noticed in dis morning's newspaper an article about designer pet furniture. Oh, cool reading and here's da links:

Pre fab pets
Cat-Interiors' Rondo Stand
Square Cat Habitat
The Refined Feline
Everyday Studio

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Treat for Mancat Monday

Dad is offering me a treat - I can almost reach it. I have a long reach and I am lightening fast. Dad says I need my nails trimmed, heh, heh.