Saturday, July 9, 2011

Team Tabby Takes a Break From Blog Hiatus

Friends, mombean and the five of us kitties have been extremely neglectful of our blog posting in the past, what? two months at least. Were you all aware that since the last time we posted it has rained? Almost every day. There was even rain today

We tried our best to keep mom crazy from GOING crazy. We needed to keep her busy while we napped so we suggested, since she was trapped indoors anyway, that she redecorate our living space. Therefore, almost all the upstairs rooms have been repainted. Guess what everyone? That is a LOT of snoopervising. We're exhausted!!

BonBon: I was in charge of one of the most important duties -

.... making sure our pot of precious catnip got watered by all that rain. Isn't it coming along nicely?

Mindy: I encouraged mombean to take rest breaks with me because

I love to have mombean scratch my belly

Moe: I am a mancat with a busy schedule, I have make sure that there are no introoders on the property

This is a busy job, because this critter keeps raiding the birdseed mom puts out.

anyone want me to transport it to your yard?

Mike: Could I have a little, care and attention?

You see, here's the situashun. I hadda go to that stabby place, anyone know that place? Da vet on duty stabbed me, oh yes, I do not lie. I am not trying to get sympathy, but it would really help if you could send me some.

Cookie: Pay no attention to Mike, he's fine. He's eating again - his own food and as much as he can scarf off of everyone else's food dishes.

Sometimes I get to go out on the deck and hang out wif mombean. I love fresh air and eating grass...mummm.

Here is a plant in our yard the hummingbirds really like.

Mombean calls it climbing honeysuckle and got the picture when we had about 15 minutes of sunshine! We sincerely hope everyone is enjoying a happy and restful weekend. Hugs and purrs to all.

PS - is anyone else having trouble saving and publishing?