Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mombean is Away

Mindy here, just wanted to say we may not be able to blog for a few days.

Our mombean is going to away to be with grandbean.

Grandbean's kitty is not well.  It is most likely kidney failure, mom thinks.  Her kitty, Pip, is 18 years old, maybe older, mom isn't sure.

Grandbean needs some help to deal with this.   We'll be back when we can.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Tuesday

We've been gone for a week and missing out on visiting and updating our blog,  because our human beans went away and left son bean in charge.  Son bean does know lots about computers, but not about blogging.  Also, we had to train him to get us breakfast on time. 

Bono decided that a good nap after breakfast is very productive!

He is dreaming of menu ideas for the next meal.

While our humans were away visiting relatives, they took a trip to a local vineyard.  

These are bigger grapes than the vine in our backyard produces.   However, mombean made two small jars of grape jelly from ours.  We were proud of her efforts even though we don't like grape jelly.

When they got back, mombean went over to her sister's home.  Her sister is Tillie's mom

You can see Tillie's mombean making coffee before the two of them went out on their Ghost Walk.  They waited until nearly Halloween to go on the tour because by then it would be dark when the tour started.

They met the other beans going on the tour at the Town Clock 

They met up with about 30 other people and the storyteller too.  Off they went!  This building is one of the oldest in the city.  It is now a restaurant.

Mombean said they were told that a spirit hangs out by the salad bar.  She wasn't sure about that, but they certainly have spirits in some of their other bars.

Mombean took a few pictures of some of the old buildings they passed

Last night Mike was being helpful as usual.  He helped mombean get out the Halloween goodies to pass out at our door.

Cookie insisted that he accompany mom outside in the yard this morning.

It is a lovely, sunny day and he saw this Chickadee rush over to the bird feeder after mombean added more sunflower seeds to it.

  Cookie, however, was too busy eating blades of fresh, green grass to take much notice of it.

Mindy wants to show you the Canada Holly that grows wild in our backyard.

People collect it to make arrangements for decorating.

Is is my turn now?

Hi, it's Moe.  I just wanted to show you all my handsome face!