Saturday, August 29, 2009

Connections Lost

It's me, Moe, and I am writing our blog today.

I want to let you know that our furcousins Mickey, Georgia and Tillie have a broken computer and can't talk to any one right now....... See here is a picture of it.

I know, it doesn't look broken, but it certainly does not start up at all. It is completely silent and lifeless. Nobody did a thing to it, certainly not me or Mickey or Georgia or Tillie. All by itself it just quit.

The beans think maybe it's power supply died for some unaccountable reason. Unaccountable because a new supply of power was installed back in June......because the replaced one had also died prematurely! This kind of thing is way beyond our understanding.

Needless to say, my furcousins and our auntie are not very happy, but they wanted you all to know why they can't visit.

Our dadbean is going to have a look at the sick computer. I sure hope I can give you some good news about it soon.

In the meantime, hope everyone else is having good connectivity.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Already

Look at what sonbean brought home. Yup, 'nanners. If he didn't take them they woulda been thrown away. Yikes!

They are not very interesting to us, but what mom did with them is very interesting.

This we do like - banana bread. We have 4 of these so far and two more will be coming whenever mombean fires up da oven again.


I am supervising the banana bread construction. Yum.


Excuse the yawn, but making banana bread does not interest me at all.


Umm, wake me when da 'nanner bread is baked.

What's up, Mindy?

What are you looking at?

Mindy - I am fuming!

Do you see who just entered our yard?

It's Angel from next door. Invading our yard - again.

This will not be tolerated!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stormy Sunday

We had a hurricane visit us today. It was called 'Bill'. Well Bill gave us lots of rain and high winds. Thank goodness its wind speed dropped before it reached us and no major damage was done to us or to anyone else. We did not even lose our power. It is very warm and damp, mom says it feels 'tropical' here. Here is how we spent the day.

Mindy, relaxing

Mike, snoozing

Cookie, he was annoyed because when mom let him out on the deck it was raining and he had to come in again on account of his furs got wet.

Where are Moe and Bono?

There they are, along with some of the rest of our horde.