Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging - numero uno

We wanted to participate in WCB today, the first for us. Our beans owe us after all. ..... big time! They were gone almost all day!! Son bean needed to get to his dental appointment. Our beans then had to go to the airport and pick up some relatives and take them home. They said they 'tried' to be home as soon as possible. We did gets a snack soon as they got home tho.

Moe: I am rubbing my face on mom bean's socks. I was so happy they got home in time for supper.

.......Mindy: and I am rewarding our beans (finally some attention) by leaving lots, 'n lots of my furs on dis quilt.

And dat's da story of why we are so late wif this very important post! See more WCB posts here: Chey's Place

Saturday Visitors

Last night we looked out our window into the backyard. Way out towards the treeline where there are tall weeds, we saw these two wandering around.

We got mom to bring the camera to the window. She used the zoom feature to bring them close for you to see.

Ducks! They were having a great time. Mom puts out cracked corn around the bird feeder. They liked that.

Moe: Here I am keeping watch. Today it is going to be "weather for ducks" although the rain hasn't started yet. I like lying here in this spot. Did you know the heating pipes are right under this windowsill. It is so warm and I can watch in comfort.......I love it. We really don't need the heat much anymore, but when it is damp it is also a bit cool. It is 'my' spot.

I am waiting to get my tummy rub. I like to have lots and lots of tummy rubs.

We both hope efurryone is having a good Saturday.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

My sleeping pose.

Our Thursday Thirteen:

Moe: This morning I tried to wake mom at 4:30 am o'clock, I got sent out of da room!

Mindy: I have a special bed in da attic by the window. Yesterday, I found Moe sleeping in there! He better not make this a habit.

Both: Mom was busy today in the attic we call the loft. We don't get to go in there much, so it's a real treat for us. We don't want to come out, so mom has to bribe us wif treats.

Moe: Yesterday, I took my nap on top of the warm dryer. You can see a picture of me covered in dryer fluff.

Mindy: Mom was changing the beds, that is one of my favorite times. I like to get right in the middle of the bed so I can beg mom for belly rubs. I always do this, hee, hee

Moe: I looked in the cupboard yesterday for those treats. They weren't there! I'll have to find the new hiding place.

Mindy: Sometimes I tag our beans' socks when they walk by, it's lots of fun and I can look so innocent.

Moe: Sometimes, she tags me. I don't think that is fun at all!

Both: There is a can of stinky goodness opened and in the fridge. We can hardly wait to finish it.

Mindy: There was a knock on our front door yesterday, that is my signal to take cover. I do not like anyone strange coming to our door.

Moe: I usually run away at first, too. Curiosity usually gets the better of me though, and I come out and walk around the table legs and such, but from a safe distance.

Mindy: I am a sweet girl kitty.

Moe: I am a mancat.

One more thing, we want to concatulate son bean. He graduated university on Monday, May 12.

And another thing, he likes us - we like him! (He is kneeling on the far right)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday - not a Mancat picture

It is mancat Monday, so I thought I would post a really cute picture of me for all da mancats out there.