Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Cat in Martinique

We told our 'beans to take note of any cats they saw on their travels.  For once our mombean listened!

 She sent us photos of this very pretty kitty.

 It lives on the Caribbean island of Martinique.

When their taxi stopped so they could get photos, this kitty appeared out of nowhere.  It obviously is friends with the driver that drove the 'beans taxi, because he shared his lunch.

Yay, they both enjoyed something very delicious!!

Looks like the kitty would like a second helping of something yummy.   We think that man is a great guy for sharing, don't you think so too?


We are continuing to send our love, purrs and prayers to our grandbean as she faces surgery for a broken hip today.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Still Waiting and Waiting

Our 'beans have been gone for a bazillon days!  Good thing our Auntie Bean loves us enough to come and take care of us.

Yep,  and our furcousins are generous enough to share their mombean with us.  Aren't they generous?

We are hoping our friends remember us and haven't forgotten who we are and what we look like!  We are way overdue for a post.  We will look around for some photos to show you.  See you all again, when we get back to 'normal'.

  Sometimes I even have to get my own treats!!!!

Update, our 'beans are on their way home because grandbean is in hospital with a broken hip and needs to have surgery.  We need some purrs for our granbean.