Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday with Mindy

Mindy:   On Thursday, our mombean went out for the day because she needed to do some shopping.  However, her shopping included something for us!

This is a scratcher for cats and this model is called a Dream Curl.   We have had lots of card board scratchers but Moe destroys them in no time - he simply adores cardboard of any kind.  Loves to rip it into shreds and spread the pieces all over our place.

So far the new scratcher has passed the 'shred it' test!  Most of us have been ignoring this creation though. 

Sonbean uses it as a foot rest.  So it is useful.

I thought I would pose with it to keep mombean happy.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tabby Tuesday

We had a lovely weekend. It was sunny and cold but beautiful.  On Friday we had snow which created a blanket of white over our landscape. This stayed until yesterday.

Today, however, it is pouring rain. The white blanket is gone. Mombean says there is no point in taking a photo and showing you our rain and fog. So - that means you will get a photo of me instead.   I insisted on it. 

Who wouldn't want to see me instead of all that drizzle?   Oh, sorry I got a bit tired while waiting for mom to get her camera.  Sorry, I didn't open my eyes.  Well, by now you know much I hate posing for dat flashy box.  Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!