Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post Christmas Events

There was a flurry of activity; pre, during and post  around Christmas time.  Our humans were having company and going places.
Strangers in our house, some of them were little people.  The little people liked us and fed us goodies.  They are welcome to come again!
Today we decided it was time for some winter naps -
I am snoozing on a heating pad and this is so cozy for my old bones.
I am sleeping on the new living room sofa.  I need to make sure it is absolutely the most comfortable place to be.  It is in for some serious testing!
Okay pink would not be my first choice for a mancat, however, that is what is covering the lazyboy chair and right now, I am a lazy boy!
I want to show our visitors our lovely plastic Christmas tree.  However a real tree is preferred by me because I used claw the bark on these when we had a proper live tree and drink from its water dish. 
 It doesn't smell nice and woodsy either.
Our humans went away to visit with family at Christmas and we had some snow for the holidays
Our yard was covered with a few inches of snow
This pretty picture did not last
Our weather turned nasty and there were many power outages over the Christmas holidays.  We are thankful our power stayed on and we were cozy and warm.
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!