Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday, Stormy Weather

Mindy and Mike
It is raining hard and our dadbean says there are over 3,000 homes in our area without electric power because of the wind.

We are warm and dry and still have the power on.   We found the perfect place to be during the storm.

I am cozy and warm and I have my snack close by.  My appetite is not what it was in the past.  My meds are mixed with canned stinky goodness which I usually eat all up.  I have actually put on some weight, and this makes my humans and the vet quite happy.  

I am happy with my own room, bed, litter box, snacks - all the comforts, of course!  OK, now back to snoozing.

 Rain, rain go away - and that goes for the wind too!  I can hardly get any rest.  Perhaps I should ask for an early supper tonight.  When you can't sleep, you can always eat and I love to eat.

Here is a photo of the stray kitty taken the other day in our neighbourhood.  Mom wasn't quick enough to get a photo of her coming down the slide!
  We have just heard that she has been adopted by our close neighbour a few houses away from ours.  Her original owner has never asked where she is or tried to find her.  We are glad she has a better home now with her new people.

We hope everyone's Monday is going better than ours!

We thought we would add a couple of bonus photos:
Here is our dadbean taking a photo from his brother's condo on the top floor of the building.  The building is pet friendly, because dad met a dog in the hallway.  We are guessing there must be some kitties there too.

Here is a photo that our dadbean took from the balcony.
It is a photo of the our city taken at night.  In the background you may be able to see a suspension bridge over the harbour. 

Now, back to storm watching - or not!