Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday - Let's Celebrate

Our 'beans are away today and overnight, so this is a "not to be missed opportunity"!  Therefore we need to celebrate and what better way to do this? Invite everyone over to trash this house, of course!  Our invitation to a house-trashing is drastically overdue.

So, drop whatever it is you are doing and come right over.  It will be fun!

There is a fresh package of double roll toilet paper for hours of unrolling.  Want something more active? We have a nice set of stairs for a game of THOE, and you can run up and down and make all the noise you want.  The beds are purrfect for jumping on or hiding under if you need a rest. You can have the run (literally) of our upstairs and downstairs, however, the more adventurous may wish to explore our cellar or our attic - those places are usually in darkness and kinda spooky - are you up for that? We know some of you are!

We heard someone ask about food.  Well we live by the ocean so we are well supplied with seafood.  How about Kalamari Salad to start of with?  Followed by your choice of salmon, lobster, haddock, or halibut any style - baked, grilled, fried - well you get the idea. For meat lovers? Yeah, we gots lots of that too.

(There won't be any veggies, though - Mike is recovering from his 'beet' craze.)

Second servings and more are allowed.  Oh yes, we just finished making a huge  batch of niptini made from this year's crop of catnip.  Any takers?  Underage guests are welcome to some cream, whipped if you like.

Would anyone like dessert?  There are several options, we recommend the mousse, nicely mouse flavored, or beef flavor or....well we have a few more flavors.

Now, don't forget to.... parrrr - tay... and have a great time!!!!

We certainly will!  Any volunteers for cleanup afterwards?  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday - Beet Thief

Mombean:  On one of my numerous trips to the kitchen, I encountered this strange and colorful mess on the floor.

Huh?  The floor was fine only a short while ago. 

I spotted Mike, suspiciously cleaning his face.....

.....and noticed I'd left the beets I had cooked, in a bowl on the counter...

..they are from our neighbor's garden, who nicely shared the bounty.  I thought them safe for a few minutes, I mean, it is hard to get people to eat these let alone a cat!  Oh, yes, I forgot ....Mike (the cat) will eat almost anything.  Oh, correction - anything and everything.

Mike says:   Do I look guilty??

By the way - them beets were d-lish!!

Monday, September 3, 2012