Monday, September 28, 2009

New Week = Better Week?

After everything that happened last week, dadbean finally found out what is ailing him - shingles. I hope we don't ever get something like that because he doesn't look very good. Mombean says we prolly won't get these because we haven't had chicken pox....human illnesses are very strange. We cats get lots of rest, eat well and hardly ever's a good life.

Mike: this is a good way to keep your nose warm.

Mindy: My turn, Mike, to stretch out on the cat bed. Stretching and flexing my paws keeps up my muscle tone.

Cookie: actually my spot is THE perfect spot, I can nap, be near the kitchen and watch the back door in case I get the chance to go out on the deck.

Moe: take away that flashy box, no pictures please....see the airplane ears?

Bono: I am helping mombean with the blogging today, aren't I nice?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Easy on Sunday



Have a relaxing Sunday everyone.