Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter in Atlantic Canada

Our first snowfall of the season.

Snow sliding off our bird feeder - our snowstorms are often mixed with rain.  Our word for this situation is, "greasy".

Our street is not plowed, but the school bus made it up our hill anyway!

 Mindy: Bleh! glad I'm indoors.

Mombean here:  I like to capture photos of the first snowfall, it looks so picturesque.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Window Cats

Last time we reported in, mombean was away at grandbean's house.  Grandbean's kitty, Pip, has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her sisfur, Squeak.  Pip lived to be 18 years old. 

Grandbean, however, is not without a cat though.  She still has Stripes.  Mombean got a photo of him to show you all.

Stripes is a senior kitty and he is a very quiet and mellow, fellow.  Mombean has never heard him 'miaow'!!  He is very good company for grandbean.

While mombean was visiting she took a photo of a photo in the upstairs hallway.  Grandbean just had her 87th birthday last month!  We posted about it here:

 The copied photo is one of grandbean but taken on her wedding day in Glasgow, Scotland,  in 1946.  We thought you might like to see it.

We were glad when mombean returned because we missed her.  Things are back to 'normal', which means we should get on with the theme of our post - windows.  We love our windows.  Just take a look.

Mindy is looking into the backyard.  It is cool this morning and the birdies are flocking to our feeder looking for sunflower seeds.

Moe:  I better look too.  Bird 'TV' is the best.

Perhaps we'll both look out of the windows!

Notice that we each have our OWN window!

Bono has a window all to himself as well.

Bono:  I likes the heat, so I is in this sunny window.  I may even take a nap on the window sill.

Cookie:  Do you mind if I don't seek out a window?  I was having a lovely nap until I was disturbed by that darn flashy box.

I think I'll have a few more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's before lunch.

Mike:  did someone mention lunch/food?

Mombean, we have a problem.   I check this container that we keep our food in - and it is almost EMPTY!   It needs refilling right away.

Mombean says:  Don't panic, Mike, I have a secret supply.   We are not out of food.

Our hope is that everyone has enough food and a window or two to look out from.  Have a great day!