Friday, December 7, 2012

Read Our Interview in Mousebreath Magazine

Mindy says:     
The intrepid reporters at Jans Funny Farm have featured us in their column over at Mousebreath Magazine! We feel very honored to have been selected for this interview.  They are skilled interviewers and have artfully managed to extract, we hope, some interesting and entertaining facts - about us.

Our reporters have created this awesome badge of all of us so that you can see who we are!

Hope your day is a good one and thanks for taking the time to read what we gots to say!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sleep-in Wednesday

Yes, we are all seeking a comfy spot to spend today because it is damp and cool due to the rain we are getting.  Not many birds are coming to our feeder today, so we will have to entertain you with what is going on inside our domain.

First, we want to show you a photo mombean took last Friday night in our city.  She was on the pedway looking down into the street and saw the seasonal street lights that look like lanterns  and wants to share with everyone.

 The building on the right is city hall and is undergoing a 'make over' - mombean says that means it is getting sandblasted to make the stonework fresh and clean.   Glad we don't get that treatment!!  We can keep ourselves very clean all by ourselves.

Mike: I am not quite at my best today because I have scratches on my nose.

Moe:  Well, Mike, if you would share the nap spots and not try to hog the snacks, maybe we wouldn't  have to whap you!! 
(Moe glaring at Mike)

We want to show you the peppermint patties mombean made for a Christmas Tea - they look nice, but trust us there is NO tuna in any of those treats!

Mombean helped decorate with her wallhangings and said they were sold out of tickets for this event
We are good kitties, we took care of things at home and tried not to get into trouble.
We will show you some of the Christmas 'breakables' that our mombean has put around our house........
Here is a nutcracker guard, but his drum is bigger than he is!

Next we'll show you two of the (breakable) snowmen -  #1

and #2

 - this snowman has funny shaped holes in it because a lit candle is supposed to go in behind and candlelight shines through.  Of course, we don't have anything to do with lighting the candle!!  No, never!
Mombean couldn't get photos of Mindy and Cookie, they are upstairs somewhere, probably in a comfy spot but with ears tuned in case a snack is served.
We want to say "Happy Retirement" to dadbean, his last day at work was Thursday, last week.
At the moment is out having lunch with some of his former colleagues - this once we'll allow it, but he's got to remember to save time for us, we're very important!!