Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday

We all want to wish our uncle bean a very happy 50th birthday!!

The 'beans bought him a chocolate tiramisu layer cake.  It looked oh so good!  We are very sure that he liked it lots.

In the same neighborhood as the birthday party, mombean got out her camera and took a picture of this very shy barn cat.  It lives in  a barn with some horses, and would not get very close to our bean.

We love her bold stripes and her little bits of orinch!  So did our mom bean!

Mindy:    Today on Thursday it is raining.  This is better than last night when there was freezing rain, ugh!
I like warm and sunny better - at least it was warmer all day today.  I spent the day asking mombean for belly rubs.

Moe:  I was ignoring the rain and having a great snooze.
I am not going to move from this spot, unless there is food involved.  Even then I often have to 'remind' mombean that meals as well as snacks are very important.   She gets busy doing all kinds of useless tasks, you know.  Good thing I am here to remind her.

We wish you all a great Thursday!!