Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tabby Thursday with Mike

 Mike here:
I was insisting that our humans let me taste the stuff in this interesting dish.  I was getting very worried because with each passing day the dish was becoming empty .  They seemed to find it delicious, that means I had to try it too.
I cried and reached up my paw every I saw it on the kitchen counter.  So - at last success!
However, I did my best to try and like this, after all it had to be good - right?
try, try, try (I really did)
no good
 This dish contained what is left of something called hummus.
Dear blog visitors - never try this stuff - ever. 
Perhaps I can convince my humans to spread Fancy Feast (aka 'stinky goodness') on crackers instead - I love crackers -  add some stinky goodness - perfect.
Now that would be a great snack!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Yup, taking it easy today
Would you like to view some of our bird 'TV'? 

Nice looking fat pair of pigeons
Have a restful Sunday!