Friday, October 19, 2012

In Our Yard

We have to be very alert and keep watch on our yard.  Sometimes we catch introoders, like this one yesterday, who was chewing the leaves on our catnip plant.  It was nearly dark, but we caught sight anyway.

Scram! You need to stop nipping at our 'nip!!  We made lots of noise and scared off this thief.

Today is a lovely and warm day so Cookie had to go out in the yard, but instead of going for the catnip, he munches instead on our giant grass by the deck.

Our lovely nip plant

Moe:  I tried to convince mombean that I should go out as well, but that did not happen.

Mindy: I am content to have this lovely box all to myself, with the sun pouring in on my furs.

Mike:  I have the chair.  Of course it is the most comfortable chair and I will not leave it unless there is food involved - or - something exciting is happening.

We are all enjoying these October days.  We  like to watch the pheasants that visit our yard to eat the seeds our mombean puts out.  The baby birds are now as big as the parent birds.  Quite often the whole bird family visits and mombean has counted nine or ten of them!

Here is a sign that Fall is here - this oak leaf is starting to turn red.

A few more colorful leaves in our yard.

Also a view looking toward the road

We are hoping we will have many more lovely fall days like these for a while yet!

Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Monday!

Moe, reporting this morning.

My furcousin Georgia told me that she was abandoned on Saturday by her mombean.  Well the same thing happened here as well.  Our sister mombeans went off to an event called Nocturne - art at night.  They were certainly gone a long time.  I made very good use of the time while they were away - I snoozed.

Since Georgia is showing everyone the photos of people playing with fire, I will post some other ones I found in mombean's collection.

The lighting on this building is very colorful!  I must admit I kinda like it.  

Mombean saw this in an art gallery.  She said the theme was retro robots, rockets and ray guns and made using 'found' objects.  I vote that this is a ray gun.

This image, which was projected onto the architecture school, is actually a game - or a combination of games which they called Tweetris - a collaborative mix of Tetris, yoga, and Twitter!  People took turns playing and there was a lot of help from the large crowd of people cheering the participant on and making suggestions.

Here is a picture of a long lineup of people wanting to go into the Khyber Building which was featuring works inspired by folklore and pop culture.  Our beans didn't go in this year, but they did last year and really liked visiting this old but interesting building.  Instead they went across the street to a participating photography  studio. They loved the beautiful photography on display! 

This is the 5th year the city has supported this event.  There were over 80 places participating.  To help people get around there were two 'free ride' special buses for the places farther away.

Our mombeans got home really late, but I stayed up to make sure they did get home - and also to convince my mombean I didn't get any snacks and was starved.  Did I already mention they were gone hours, and hours?