Friday, July 22, 2011

Fog on Friday

Hi, it's Mindy.

I am watching the mancats I live with. Moe is really being silly because mombean brought in a few catnip leaves from our plant on the deck. I like it in moderation, but Moe goes nuts.

The others, meh, take it or leave it. Moe? He looks a little 'out of it'.

I think I will find a comfortable spot to spend today. Yesterday mom took this photo of our sky in the morning, only the sun was redder than this

Then mom came up with one of her mom-isms - it went like this.
'red sky in the morning, sailors take warning'

If you say so mombean! We did get wind and then fog

This is our front yard, our roadway and beyond is our neighbour's yard and you can definitely see fog.

Our local forecast for Friday is possible thunder showers -oh no! at the first boom, I will be in hiding.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Helpful on Thursday & Farewell to Ninifee

We just found out that our friend Ninifee in Germany, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to join her boyfriend Pigeldy. Christiane is heartbroken and we have lost a good friend. We send comforting hugs and purrs.

Well, we had good intentions today. We were going to help mombean wif da laundry.

Mombean says it's gonna rain today so she is putting it off. Darn, we always snoopervise and make sure the laundry has lots of furs. Sometimes, oops, it lands on da floor.

Cookie says:

Mike is trying out my new 'room'

I think he finds it comfy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cookie Reports

Cookie on Wednesday: I'm giving a bit of an update --

All of your purrs, purrayers and good thoughts have been working for me - a big THANK YOU!! Even though I am still without sight, I'm a much happier mancat. Confusion is now being replaced with routines and I can find things better. Mombean helped me figure out how to get in and out of my 'room' (the giant-sized woofie crate) . It has a lip on the front about 4 inches high, so mombean left the door open and put my front paws up over it onto the floor outside and left my hind paws inside it, and I went out like this a few times. Now that I know I am not going to fall of a cliff, I go in and out on my own now, which is good 'cause that's where my things are.

Mike comes in and hangs out wif me, just like old times, but he has a habit of helping himself to my snacks. I got lots of those and mombean says I have even put on some weight. She and da vet worried I wasn't eating and drinking enough - ha! That stinky goodness I get sure is yummy.

I'll update if I have more news to share and once again thanks so much for your support, it has meant a lot to all of us!! The CB is so caring.

Cookie: I'm much calmer today. Yep, that means that I wasn't when I woke up at the vet hospital and couldn't see anything. Since I can't see to get around, I need a safe place to stay when no one is around to help me, like at night.

At first I fought being my new 'room'. I tipped over my water dish and then walked through my litter box, of course I shook my paws. Mom said I was messy, the wet litter makes a kind of mud which dries like cement.

Mombean had to put me in a tub with a couple of inches of water. Yuck.

That was okay because I couldn't really clean my feet with all that litter clay on them.

Then she had to clean the tub.

My beans got me a new kind of litter called silica crystals.

I tried walking on it and it sounds crunchy and feels strange, but I'm getting used to it. I can't make as much mess with it - oh well, fun while it lasted. Even though it is low, I am still sometimes missing the box. My new 'room' is such a nuisance.

My favorite thing to do though is get comfortable in my new bed, which is in 'my' our office and guide mombean through our blog posts when I know she is at the computer.

As you can see I take frequent snooze breaks. These pictures show I have no tail, that is because I am also a cancer survivor and have had my tail tumor removed a year and a half ago. That adjustment wasn't as hard as this one is.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mancat Monday

Mombean, when you took my photo, were you playing around with da camera's filters?