Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday - Sunday with Moe

Moe:  Hi, I need to whisper.   You see, I am busy hunting.  

I am sure I heard something very suspicious in or near this closet.  I wouldn't have to work so hard if mombean did not store that birdseed so close to this spot.  I don't think it is birds I am hunting for.  Other critters like 'bird' seed, although not me, of course.  Instead, I like those little four-footed rascals.   Man, they are fun to chase - and catch!  

Not bragging or anything, but I did catch one on Halloween night.  Right, that night, our beans insisted on opening the door every time someone came to our door and there were a LOT of someone's.  I am thinking maybe one of those little mice slipped in when our door was open so much!  Good thing, I was on 'introoder' alert! Score!

However, back on task again.  Uh, they gotta move that seed, there's a whole bunch of it, like three big bags.

Now, I'll show you the kind of bags that I like

Our mombean found a sale and bought one of each flavor the store had - now THAT's my kind of grocery shopping!!

Oh, I can hardly wait to see those get opened - I am very willing to help with that!!

Now back to work.   Have a great weekend everyone!!