Friday, July 26, 2013

Helpful Friday

We have important jobs to do, take a look -

Moe:  As you can see,
I am at the computer, helping to prepare our blog post today!
I am working hard so we can get our post up.
Mike: I am in the kitchen.
I need to make sure our water bowls are filled at all times.
Mindy:  I am helping as well
making sure the cream is whipped to perfection!
Cookie:  I am out on the deck
making sure our yard is free from introoders
the bluejay can stay, we love watching it.
We hope our friends have fun today, at work or play, and a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mid-Day of the Week

Moe:  We think this means that it is Wednesday.
At least this Wednesday is not so hot as it has been on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Nice snoozing weather!  That is my plan for today, to snooze with one eye open.  My favorite spot is right here in the kitchen.  I need to be ready for when the refrigerator door gets opened, because I need to check that there is sufficient food inside.  It's an important job.
Mindy:  I think I will rest my eyes for a while

However,  my ears will be turned on, I don't like to miss anything!
Cookie:  This is my water dish Mike, you have your own downstairs.  My sight isn't very good, so mombean says I don't have to climb up and down the stairs if I don't want to.

Mike:  What ever happened to sharing? 
On the other paw, I don't like to share my food dishes either, but I am a reasonable mancat, I will share, but I tend to eat really fast and it helps that I am the biggest cat of the four of us.
Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Lovely Visit With Blogging Friends!

Yesterday afternoon, which was Sunday, our mombean and Aunti Bean  (Georgia, Tillie, Treasure, JJ, Tiger and Julie's mom) met with  #1  from The Poupounette !

They gathered at Pete's Frootique  which is at the Sunnyside Mall in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here is our mombean with #1

They had a great time!  

Also The Poupounette  did a very nice thing, they got #1 to pack goodie bags for us and for Georgia, Tillie, Treasure, JJ, Tiger and Julie, too. 

Look at these lovely things!

Mike:  I had a great time checking out the goods.

This fun little cat toy smells, um, new, and I checked it out thoroughly and it is quite nice and I tasted it too.  However, you probably know that I am just a little bit - okay maybe a lot - food oriented!!  Gosh, yes, I love food.  Especially when it comes in those awesome little bags like we got from #1.

Yum, I certainly enjoyed sampling the tasty treats!!

Moe:  I'm taking a break from playing with those fun toys and it's a good way to keep fit, even though I am not actually working out by the looks of this photo!

Mindy:  I am claiming all the pink and purple things from that gift bag!

Cookie: I have issues with my sight, but I can touch, feel, and smell all of those wonderful gifts!

Oh, our 'beans enjoyed their visit, talking, having lunch, and talking some more.  They said the time passed all too quickly and promised to meet again when #1 comes back for a visit.   What a wonderful time they had!