Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday - Not Looking Forward to Weekend Weather!

We are supposed to get bad weather this evening, before midnight.  First rain, then on to freezing rain, snow, and eventually back to rain by tomorrow.  

We are simply going to ignore this situation.  We have many ways.  Take a look:

Cookie:  See my disgusted look.  When will I be able to go out on the deck again?

I want to see some nice green grass.  Will it ever turn green again?  
I will take a snooze while I wait.

Mindy: Oh, there's that darn flashy box!  I am looking a little bit crabby.

There! that's better, now I don't have the green 'lazer eyes' look.

Moe:  I just had a big fat idea.....

..... I know where to hunt for those delicious cat treats!!

I am almost certain that I saw them hidden in here!

Mike: Whatever,  I will stay comfortable right here.  Moe works best on his own.

However, if Moe does find something tasty - I'm right there!  

How are all of you going to spend your weekend - complaining and disgusted like we are - OR - are you going to share some exciting and/or interesting news wif us.   Show us some nice green grass, or some bright flowers, or some bird TV!   Well, you pick!!! 


As of 10:00 pm this evening, we looked out the door to see this, which is just getting started:

It is endless Winter even though it is officially Spring - however, Spring is not back from vacation yet.