Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humph Wednesday!


We are being abandoned, yet again.  Our humans are going to visit our Uncle Bean.  This means an overnight visit.  Our very nice lady next door will be our 'food lady'......thank heavens.  This means we will not have to worry when our next meal is coming.


I like our neighbour lady.  Even though I usually hide when people come into the house, she is the exception.  Plus I like it, when she fusses over me.  However, I do want our humans to return home as soon as possible.


I like meals on time.   I sure hope food lady knows my schedule and how to fix the soft food the way I like it.  Yes, I know there are meds mixed in but I really like that stinky goodness.  


I am so glad we won't have to worry about meals.  However, I sure hope our substitute food person will give me some proper adoration and attention.  That is almost as important as food.  Time will tell.

Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you get as much food and attention as you need and want!


Oh yes,  Mombean says thanks for the birthday wishes she got on Monday from some of you.    

She got this birthday gift, but it is no good because it is not edible.  It has possibilities as a rolling toy though!