Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photo Hunt - Hat(s)

Photo Hunters

The Photo Hunters Scavenger Hunt was started by tnchick, and anyone can play along.

There is only one time when one of us actually wore a hat and this is it:

Moe, we are glad we did not try on that hat - someone always has a camera!
~ Mindy and Bono

Friday, January 16, 2009

Furball Friday

We are all curling up in our beds wif da blankets over our noses. The temperature outside around here is -18C......burrrrrr!

Just before dark, sonbean went out into the yard and lit a sparkler. Maybe it was to cheer us know sort of a "fire and ice" shot.

Here it is close.

Thinking 'spring' right about now.

Graphics by MajorTiggerScraps

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bono Blogs on Tuesday

Bono here, or if you want to be formal "Bon Bon" and I am helping with our blog for today. It is very important to to get into the proper position for blogging. I like to snoopervise what is being typed into the computer, I need to see the screen and I like to be comfortable doing this. However, mom the typist, says that this is not always practical.

I do this quite often and sometimes do my own typing, which again is not all that practical. Those keyboard keys, give my toes a nice massage when I walk back and forth over them. Mom complains when I do this that I order the computer to open all kinds of applications and pages. Well deal with it mombean, cause I like to do this and it makes me happy!

Moe this time. Do you all want to know what I call an excellent day?

An excellent day for me is checking the food container and finding the top loose. Yipee, this makes my day - until mom finds out, even then it's still a good day.

Mindy: I am up in my loft. I have all the space and hide-y places I want. My domain.

Sometimes one of the boys comes up here. What really raises my furs is when either Moe or Bono, mostly Moe, takes my special bed by the attic window. The nerve. What should I do? Install a trip wire or a nail belt? Is that too devious?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Sunday Post

Moe: Everyone, do you want to see my annoyed "lose that flashybox" face?

Mindy: This is my Sunday morning pose.

Bono: Move over diva. Here is my Sunday morning portrait.

I call it "snooze control".

Here is mom's contribution to our blog.

She took this last night. Finally a full moon AND a clear night. Not so tonight. Another winter storm brewing, and 20 cm on its way.