Saturday, July 16, 2016

Caterday Friends

Good day everyone, we want to introduce you to our kitty neighbors.

This is Bruno
 He lives next door to us.  He is a big kitty!

This is  Maddi
She also lives close by and is Bruno's mama.

Both kitties are our neighbors and sometimes our humans give them their meals when their people are away.

Not to compare too closely - I used to be almost as large as Bruno!
I am older, so I have slimmed down (not my idea) a bit.  The vet says I am doing fine for an old guy.

 Compared to those three, I am the smallest - and cutest ;)

We wish our visitors a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our Garden on Wednesday

The warmer days are here at last!  We were a bit worried because of some cool, windy days earlier.  Feels like summer.

This plush, soft, throw is across the end of the bed I like to sleep on.   It was a gift and if you are a Dr. Who fan, you will recognize the phone box theme. It has become my favorite nap spot.

I am frequently on the kitchen counter top.  It is especially important to snoopervise preparation of our meals.  I even offer to help out.

Oh, yes, we would like to show you some of the flowers in our garden.
 This is a honeysuckle bush in bloom.  The bees like these blooms.

....and these flowers plant themselves here and there wherever they please.
Our mom'bean' calls them columbine

A couple of years ago we put up a birdhouse
...and finally we have tenants!  A family of chickadees.  Looks like it needs a new paint job though.

Other birds come into our garden as well
The yellow bird is a goldfinch

A purple finch is at the feeder now.
if you look on the left, you can see a bird in flight, attempting a landing on the other side.

What else can we show you?
Oh yes, our birdbath.  It seems to be used by the birds for drinking water.

There you have it, hope you enjoyed the garden tour!

Have a great day,
purrs from Mindy & Mike

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Monday Breakfast

 Really?  It's Monday - again?

Mike & Mindy
 What is going in that bowl for our breakfast Mindy?

Look at this
 Do you think there is enough for both of us?

Oh, look
 found this and it is open!!

Dream on Mike, but I do not think we will get that for breakfast.

Well, dear friends, what will you have to start your day/week off right?