Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photo Hunt - Quaggy

We were not sure what photo to post for 'quaggy', but we will try.  We think it might mean something like a wetland where you have to watch where you walk - because without warning you might end up in a 'fix' or a 'situation', unless you were prepared.

We have a spot in our backyard that we call 'the bog'.  There are a few iris planted there - not in bloom right now.  Lots of fern and moss.

If you look at the water you may see the tree pollen floating on the surface.  If you were to fall in you would get extremely muddy, as underneath the water is a quagmire of soil and decayed leaves.   The frogs like this place.


Have no fear, I will not venture out to the quaggy bog.  I am way too comfortable, spending my Saturday viewing life from here.

Good point Moe, but I usually keep watching out the window for the pheasant.  I often see him coming up from the direction of the bog.  It's my entertainment for a lazy Saturday.
I got to go outside this morning and snack of some fresh blades of grass, but the bog holds no appeal for me.

 What?  There is a bog out there in our backyard?  Should I be concerned?  I think I will sleep on these questions.

All this being said, our visitors might like to go to The Saturday PhotoHunt to visit more participants.

Have a grand weekend!