Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Hooman Beans are Back.

They had the nerve to book a bread and breakfast place in the Magdalen Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence.....without taking us. Humph!
Auntie Bean came to look after Mindy and Moe, along with help from our next door neighbour, Bruno's human.  Bruno does not have a blog.
Mike and Cookie went to board at the vet's.  Our veterinarian, Dr. Karen, took good care of us even if she did send home some new meds to take.  Also some new foods to try out.......that was the good part, because it comes in a can and is delicious.
Mike says:
  Mombean had to put this cone on me because I was attacking my ear because it was extremely itchy.   You can see the mess I made of my right ear.  This was right before our humans were due to leave, so they booked me and Cookie into the vet for those few days. 
My vet thinks I have allergies so I am on a course of Prednisol; also a mild pain killer to take care of
my sore mouth, as I have a few issues with my teeth.  I came home with some 'senior' foods. At least I like the new diet.
Cookie says:
 I got lots of attention from Dr. Karen when I was boarding there as well.  My issues are somewhat embarrassing  - loose stools.  I have some meds to try for my - ahem- situation.  I am already on a low protein diet, so I don't have any new foods to try out.
Mike and I made the best of our stay......however, we are very glad to be home and glad our hoomans finally returned and things are back to normal.