Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photo Hunt - Wither

This tall perennial grass grows beside our driveway.  It is probably about 7 or 8 feet high and  it goes by the name of giant silver grass.   The long green leaves have 'withered' and were blown away by the winter winds, leaving behind these tall, dried stalks.    Now that  spring has arrived, these old stalks in their state of 'wither' will be cut back to allow the renewed growth to take over.

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Moe:  I keep looking out of our window hoping to see lots of green grass.
I can see our planter where we grow our catnip - that is definitely in a state of wither!  I keep looking to see if it will grow again.  I am impatient, waiting is hard.

Mindy:  Lots of fog and wind outside, when I looked out of our window.
However, we have been told that it will be a sunny day tomorrow - after all it will be SUNday.

Cookie:  I am going to spend my day here in the music room/office space.
I have my choice of comfy office chairs to occupy.

Mike: Aw, you caught me taking my bath!

See, my toes are clean!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday Morning

Moe:    First day of the week.  Tradition says that it is wash day

Therefore I am starting the week off right!

Mindy:   This is my favorite viewing spot - up high enough that I can see what goes on, when it happens, and who is planning to sneak up on me.

Also, I think I look good up here.

Mike:  My nose is healing up.

I still like to be first at meal times, so what's a few scratches when securing my position.

Cookie:  I decided not to pose for a photo session.

It's highly over rated.

We hope everyone is having much better spring weather than we are.  If so, could you send some of your warm weather our way?