Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mid September Already!

Mindy reporting in, yes it's been a while though!!  I am enjoying these warm, sunny days during September.

I am well and still have a good appetite.  Not bad for a seventeen year old!
 I don't hear quite as well as I used to, but well enough to not miss the activities going on in our kitchen.   I hang out there and because I am polite with my supervising, I get treats.  All the treats since I am the only cat now......and loving it!


I spend quite a bit of time on a table in front of an open window where I can watch the activities going on outside.

There is one annoying thing, er cat, that is.  Her name is Miss Callie and she invades my yard almost every day.  She lives a few houses away on our street.

 Miss Callie

Here she is on my doorstep.  She would love to get in and visit my people, but I always chase her off.  I get my fur to stand up and hiss real loud at the doorway.  Always works!

Miss Callie often goes across our street to our neighbour, who does not have a cat, but has lots of cat treats.  Needless to say, she visits there every day and is allowed into that house for her treats.

Me, I am happy to go onto our back deck occasionally for a short time only.  My humans keep watch because another neighbour cat, Bruno, often visits our yard.  Bruno is twice my size and he likes to fight.  Even if I am sure I could look after myself, my humans keep watch.

However most of my time is spent supervising all household activities and with finding the most comfortable places for my naps.

There's my update for now, all is well.

Purrs and love from Mindy!



Sunday, April 15, 2018

Snoozing on Sunday

I made sure I got an early breakfast this morning.
Then I went for a quiet snooze.

 Later, I checked from the window and our snow is all but gone.  I did find a lone patch  of it though.

This is all I can find.  It will be gone by tomorrow because rain is predicted  and this patch  will get melted away.

I am already seeing spring birds coming to our bird feeder.
Also a pair of tasty looking red squirrels looking for sunflower seed under the feeder where it is scattered for them.
I love watching them from my window.

 In the meanwhile, since we have no flowering plants outside to show you, we have a very nice orchid in bloom.

In pink, my favorite color.  It is on the top of our china cabinet because my humans think I might want to chew on it.

I think it's because I once tried out a bunch of cut flowers in a vase.
I got over that, but by humans think otherwise.

One more photo of me from a couple of years ago:

I was on the coffee table, I like it because I can stretch out on  it and keep watch on what is going on, especially if there is anything tasty being distributed. 

Have a good week everyone!


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Is It Really Spring?

Mindy, reporting today's post.
Take a look at this photo of my backyard -


All this snow happened on Sunday - April 8.  Yikes, where did all this snow come from?  I had to ask mom to double check the calendar.  I did not get the date wrong!
Here it is Thursday.  Except for some very shady places, there is no snow now.  This is good, because I am ready to enjoy watching the spring birds coming to our feeder from my favorite windowsill.

Also I am happy to see the squirrel pop out from under the evergreen trees and gather sunflower seeds under the feeder.  Mombean always scatters some of these seeds on the ground for the squirrel and the pheasants.

Oh, mom, caught me washing my face!
OK, mombean, make yourself useful, and give me a belly rub!
This is my belly rub  pose.

Time for a snooze.  However, I can nap and keep ears and eyes on standby, just in case something needs my never know, I sure don't want to miss anything that happens and I choose my napping spot carefully.

Closing my eyes now, talk again soon.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Update from Mindy

Hello all, from Mindy and mom.  I have convinced mom it would be good to update our blog because I have missed sharing our news.

I, Mindy - am the only reporter now. 


Sadly, last September, 2017, "Mike" crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Here is a photo (taken July, 2017)  of Mike

 with our neighbour, Sheila.  Ed, my dadbean, is holding his grandson, born in March, 2017.  So, yes, Atticus is now a year old!

PS, Mike, loved to be the center of attention and never missed an opportunity!

We still miss those who have already gone to the Rainbow Bridge -

Moe (our first kitty)
2001 - 2016

1997 - 2016

Both crossed Rainbow Bridge in 2016.
Now forever in our hearts.

We are getting some rain on this Good Friday and it is washing away the last of the snowbanks from a late snowfall.

We are seeing the 'spring' birds at the feeder now and of course the usual crowd....the ring-necked pheasants, woodpeckers for the suet cakes, and the  red squirrels  that eat whatever we put out .....and are around all winter.

Have a great day!
Mindy and mombean