Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tabby Thursday


I am trying to figure out how to get into this room.  If I am patient, sooner or later it will be open!


I am getting my beauty rest.  Can't have enough rest or beauty!!


I am on call.   Is anybody going to call me?  Calling me to come to dinner would be great!


I had to go to the vet on Tuesday.  My eye was watery and starting to develop infection.  The vet put some stain in my eye to check for an ulcer.  I am now getting an anti virus med and a lubricant and had my eye washed with a solution.   I was very good about it, I am proud to say and let the vet examine me.  I came home with two different meds for my eye.  I get one treatment, then in 15 minutes I get the other one.   Things have not got worse, but I hope there is an improvement soon.   

Happy Thursday everyone!

PS - it has come to our attention that this is National Feral Cat Day - October 16th!

We usually support Pierres AlleyCats Society