Monday, December 10, 2012

Seven Things About Us

We received this badge from Nerissa!  She says that we need to tell everyone seven things about us.    Okay, I think we can narrow things down to seven!

                     Seven Things About Us

1.  We are all rescues - Moe first, then Mindy and that was 11 yrs ago now.   Later Cookie and Mike needed homes so they moved in, they are both older than M & M.

2.  We are all tabby cats.  Mindy and Mike are bicolor tabbies, both have white faces and fronts, like formal wear. 
Cookie has a white shirt and gloves. 
Moe wears orange pajamas.

3.  All of us play THOE because we have a set of stairs to run up and down.  Our beans don't like hearing the thunderin' herd of elephants game at night though, but that is when the games is fun for us.

4.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb-huh?.....  um, Mindy, nice try but we are not sure what your typing is supposed to mean - you need to wait for help with your typing from mombean. 
Mindy:   Yes, I love mombean and right now I am sitting in her lap along with the laptop.  Oh, I purr loud when I am happy, can you hear me?

5.  All of us are proven mouse hunters except for Cookie.   

Cookie: Ahem! I have almost no sight in my eyes to catch those varmints  but I get by and still go up and downstairs and outside on the deck and none of you gets to go out on the deck like me!!!

6. Addicted to eating - all of us!  Special treats of any flavor of Temptations - there are never enough of these delicious treats.  Our beans have stashed them somewhere and we need to find them.

7a. One more thing - our 'beans don't know it, but WE run things around here  and please, please don't tell them otherwise - OK?

7b.  We hate that 'flashy box' such an annoying contraption that our mombean seems addicted to.  It seems just when we are finding a snnoozy spot or the litter box,  there she is armed and annoying with flashbox in hand.

That's 7 things, right?  Are we close?  Did you keep count Mike?  Where IS Mike when you need him~!!

Now we want to pass this award on to anyone willing to divulge seven things about themselves.

We are sure there are things we didn't know about you dear visitor!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Read Our Interview in Mousebreath Magazine

Mindy says:     
The intrepid reporters at Jans Funny Farm have featured us in their column over at Mousebreath Magazine! We feel very honored to have been selected for this interview.  They are skilled interviewers and have artfully managed to extract, we hope, some interesting and entertaining facts - about us.

Our reporters have created this awesome badge of all of us so that you can see who we are!

Hope your day is a good one and thanks for taking the time to read what we gots to say!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sleep-in Wednesday

Yes, we are all seeking a comfy spot to spend today because it is damp and cool due to the rain we are getting.  Not many birds are coming to our feeder today, so we will have to entertain you with what is going on inside our domain.

First, we want to show you a photo mombean took last Friday night in our city.  She was on the pedway looking down into the street and saw the seasonal street lights that look like lanterns  and wants to share with everyone.

 The building on the right is city hall and is undergoing a 'make over' - mombean says that means it is getting sandblasted to make the stonework fresh and clean.   Glad we don't get that treatment!!  We can keep ourselves very clean all by ourselves.

Mike: I am not quite at my best today because I have scratches on my nose.

Moe:  Well, Mike, if you would share the nap spots and not try to hog the snacks, maybe we wouldn't  have to whap you!! 
(Moe glaring at Mike)

We want to show you the peppermint patties mombean made for a Christmas Tea - they look nice, but trust us there is NO tuna in any of those treats!

Mombean helped decorate with her wallhangings and said they were sold out of tickets for this event
We are good kitties, we took care of things at home and tried not to get into trouble.
We will show you some of the Christmas 'breakables' that our mombean has put around our house........
Here is a nutcracker guard, but his drum is bigger than he is!

Next we'll show you two of the (breakable) snowmen -  #1

and #2

 - this snowman has funny shaped holes in it because a lit candle is supposed to go in behind and candlelight shines through.  Of course, we don't have anything to do with lighting the candle!!  No, never!
Mombean couldn't get photos of Mindy and Cookie, they are upstairs somewhere, probably in a comfy spot but with ears tuned in case a snack is served.
We want to say "Happy Retirement" to dadbean, his last day at work was Thursday, last week.
At the moment is out having lunch with some of his former colleagues - this once we'll allow it, but he's got to remember to save time for us, we're very important!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Brrrrrr.......on Friday!


It looks so wonderfully sunny outside today, BUT there is a strong wind AND it's chilly, know - cold!

Mombean says we've been spoiled with our lovely warm fall, that we'er 'due' for some cool temps.


Mindy you are right about this coolness, I feel it too, so I'll keep warm in this box on top of our mini fridge.  So glad I claimed it first.  


Hello effurryone,  I'm in the upstairs hallway looking through the stair railing.  You know you two should come up here - heat rises, it's nice and warm up here.


You are right Cookie, I am at the top of the stairs - ah, feeling the warm blast on my fur.  Uh, did anyone figure out WHY it is so cold?  When I asked mombean about it, she said not to worry because the weather will warm up over the weekend.   I can wait, because in the meantime I will go take a long nap.

Anyone else out there, feeling a nip in the air today?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday - Sunday with Moe

Moe:  Hi, I need to whisper.   You see, I am busy hunting.  

I am sure I heard something very suspicious in or near this closet.  I wouldn't have to work so hard if mombean did not store that birdseed so close to this spot.  I don't think it is birds I am hunting for.  Other critters like 'bird' seed, although not me, of course.  Instead, I like those little four-footed rascals.   Man, they are fun to chase - and catch!  

Not bragging or anything, but I did catch one on Halloween night.  Right, that night, our beans insisted on opening the door every time someone came to our door and there were a LOT of someone's.  I am thinking maybe one of those little mice slipped in when our door was open so much!  Good thing, I was on 'introoder' alert! Score!

However, back on task again.  Uh, they gotta move that seed, there's a whole bunch of it, like three big bags.

Now, I'll show you the kind of bags that I like

Our mombean found a sale and bought one of each flavor the store had - now THAT's my kind of grocery shopping!!

Oh, I can hardly wait to see those get opened - I am very willing to help with that!!

Now back to work.   Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Sunny Thursday!

Mindy:  Here I am sharing the sofa with GranBean.  She shares some of her foods with me at breakfast.  We both like toast with butter.

  I keep her company while she reads her books.  

I like GranBean, we have a good time together!

Moe:  Just a little more stretching....

....... do any of you go hunting in the places where the 'beans hide the treats?

Mike:  You GO Moe!

....of course, if successful, you are going to share, right?

Cookie:  I am in MY room, but the 'beans call it the office/music room

It is quiet in here and I have my choice of the office chairs, or the desks.....I can keep an eye on how our blog is going - or not going - we have to post our news so I am the one to make sure it happens!

Speaking of news,  we received an award from Jan's Funny Farm!  It is the Honey I Shrunk The Pig - Many Babies Blog Award.

We are a multi-cat household, but none of us are babies anymore, however, we LOVE to be babied!  We crave all the attention, love, understanding, food (Moe and Mike say: food is almost equal to love) we can get!

Now we pass this award on to:
Our furcousins - Georgia, Tillie, Treasure, Joy Joy, Tiger and last but certainly not least, the newest member - Julie - over at Mickey's Musings

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday

We all want to wish our uncle bean a very happy 50th birthday!!

The 'beans bought him a chocolate tiramisu layer cake.  It looked oh so good!  We are very sure that he liked it lots.

In the same neighborhood as the birthday party, mombean got out her camera and took a picture of this very shy barn cat.  It lives in  a barn with some horses, and would not get very close to our bean.

We love her bold stripes and her little bits of orinch!  So did our mom bean!

Mindy:    Today on Thursday it is raining.  This is better than last night when there was freezing rain, ugh!
I like warm and sunny better - at least it was warmer all day today.  I spent the day asking mombean for belly rubs.

Moe:  I was ignoring the rain and having a great snooze.
I am not going to move from this spot, unless there is food involved.  Even then I often have to 'remind' mombean that meals as well as snacks are very important.   She gets busy doing all kinds of useless tasks, you know.  Good thing I am here to remind her.

We wish you all a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

We want to wish every(furry)one a very Happy Halloween from all of us - me, Moe, in the photo and also Mindy, Cookie, Mike and our mombean!

It has been a very stressful time in the past few days due to the arrival of the monster storm called Sandy.  We are so very sorry to hear of the devastation and loss of life caused by this storm to those south of us in the USA and also west of us in other parts of Canada.

We were fortunate and thankful to experience only high, gusty, very warm winds and drizzly rain, which will continue throughout today. 

Our city has a nice big harbour and three cruise ships took refuge from the storm and hunkered down, spending a night or two.  This webcam photo shows two of the ships.

The ship, on the right, which looks smaller from this wide angle view, is The World  It is unusual because it sells condo space on board that you can rent/buy and it travels around the world. 

There is always something going on in the harbour, and if you like, you can read more here on Mac's blog Shipfax

We are counting down to our first ghostly visits to our door.  We don't plan to share OUR Halloween treats with the little ghosts and goblins, nope, because mombean has some other things for them in bags to give out.  We usually steer clear of our front door on this annual eve......except maybe for Mike - he always wants to go to the door to see who is there - you know, to make sure there are NO tricks!!

Have a safe, fun, Halloween

Friday, October 19, 2012

In Our Yard

We have to be very alert and keep watch on our yard.  Sometimes we catch introoders, like this one yesterday, who was chewing the leaves on our catnip plant.  It was nearly dark, but we caught sight anyway.

Scram! You need to stop nipping at our 'nip!!  We made lots of noise and scared off this thief.

Today is a lovely and warm day so Cookie had to go out in the yard, but instead of going for the catnip, he munches instead on our giant grass by the deck.

Our lovely nip plant

Moe:  I tried to convince mombean that I should go out as well, but that did not happen.

Mindy: I am content to have this lovely box all to myself, with the sun pouring in on my furs.

Mike:  I have the chair.  Of course it is the most comfortable chair and I will not leave it unless there is food involved - or - something exciting is happening.

We are all enjoying these October days.  We  like to watch the pheasants that visit our yard to eat the seeds our mombean puts out.  The baby birds are now as big as the parent birds.  Quite often the whole bird family visits and mombean has counted nine or ten of them!

Here is a sign that Fall is here - this oak leaf is starting to turn red.

A few more colorful leaves in our yard.

Also a view looking toward the road

We are hoping we will have many more lovely fall days like these for a while yet!

Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Monday!

Moe, reporting this morning.

My furcousin Georgia told me that she was abandoned on Saturday by her mombean.  Well the same thing happened here as well.  Our sister mombeans went off to an event called Nocturne - art at night.  They were certainly gone a long time.  I made very good use of the time while they were away - I snoozed.

Since Georgia is showing everyone the photos of people playing with fire, I will post some other ones I found in mombean's collection.

The lighting on this building is very colorful!  I must admit I kinda like it.  

Mombean saw this in an art gallery.  She said the theme was retro robots, rockets and ray guns and made using 'found' objects.  I vote that this is a ray gun.

This image, which was projected onto the architecture school, is actually a game - or a combination of games which they called Tweetris - a collaborative mix of Tetris, yoga, and Twitter!  People took turns playing and there was a lot of help from the large crowd of people cheering the participant on and making suggestions.

Here is a picture of a long lineup of people wanting to go into the Khyber Building which was featuring works inspired by folklore and pop culture.  Our beans didn't go in this year, but they did last year and really liked visiting this old but interesting building.  Instead they went across the street to a participating photography  studio. They loved the beautiful photography on display! 

This is the 5th year the city has supported this event.  There were over 80 places participating.  To help people get around there were two 'free ride' special buses for the places farther away.

Our mombeans got home really late, but I stayed up to make sure they did get home - and also to convince my mombean I didn't get any snacks and was starved.  Did I already mention they were gone hours, and hours?

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Mindy says:
We woke up this morning to see our first frost of the season.  Not a heavy one, but enough to see it before the sun got to it and it melted away.

Yes, we are having a lovely sunny day.  Good day to snooze in our boxes with the sun streaming in!

It is also Grandma 'Bean's 88th Birthday today - and she is visiting with us, so we get to help her celebrate!

We also hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Today's post, from Mindy:

"Today it is Thanksgiving in Canada.   We are giving thanks for all the things we are lucky enough to have.  You know, the basics - that keep us sheltered and with enough to eat.   On top of that are other things, just as important - like giving and receiving love and enjoying happiness.  We are very thankful!!"

PS - our 'beans arrived home with - leftover turkey - they shared and we got some - even better, still lots left!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Live Strong

Cookie:  I am a cancer survivor
Three years ago, this coming December, I had my tail removed due to a large lump caused by cancer.

I count myself very lucky to have survived with only the loss of my tail.  Many are not so lucky.  Please join with me in supporting research for a cure for cancer.  All of us here, keep those suffering from cancer in our thoughts and prayers.  Live Strong!!!