Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Photo Hunt - Humble

The theme for this Saturday Photo Hunt is 'humble'

Here is our entry -
This humble bird house has been set up in our backyard for over ten years.  At one time birds nested here, but perhaps so 'humble' an abode is not what they want anymore, as it has been many years since birds have nested in it. 
We love to watch the birds from our window since are indoor cats and this becomes our bird 'TV'.
Moe and Mindy:
We have a not so humble abode.  Here is our new 'cat condo', our very own to cover with fur and a nice scratch post for clawing.  Our humans hope this will distract us from using the sofa in the living room as our claw sharpening place.  So far we are checking it out thoroughly.  I think our humans have scattered some kitty buzz (catnip) around to encourage us.  What do you think - will we use it? - time will tell!!
They also picked up these -
On the left is a grooming tool to keep us looking good especially right now because we tend to shed a lot of furs, especially Mindy!   The other one is a fake mouse.  Our humans pull the tail and the silly thing makes a buzzing noise, scoots around and then plays dead.  This is so boring, we pretend to like it.  Give us the real thing and we will go into action!!
Mindy says:
This is a 'tock' shot of Moe checking out the new cat tower.  Don't tell him I slipped in this photo of him, he might not be amused.
Hope evfurryone has a great weekend!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fab Friday and Yum

Our mom and dad bean went out earlier, so I am 'holding the fort' while also taking a nap because it is hard work.  Last I looked, everything was just fine.

 You are doing a great job Mindy, I didn't even have to open my eyes even once.  It is so great to have a nice quiet time while the 'beans are out.


Cookie and Mike:

We need to share the water dish because there is only one upstairs.  Downstairs to the other big dish is a long way to go when you are thirsty.
Here is where our humans went - this is Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia.
 These little birds are Semipalmated Plover.  They nest and raise their young here and then migrate as far as South America for the winter.  These ones are about to head south now.    

   Here is a close-up photo of one foraging on the beach and, look, it has found something!      

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos of these birds.
Our people drove along to Blandford and stopped to take this photo

 In the distance are two islands Little Tancook and Big Tancook Islands.
One can take a ferry to Big Tancook Island

Here is the best thing about living by the ocean
Fresh haddock.  Our neighbour has a fishing license and goes out in his boat occasionally to catch these.  This is where we say 'yum', so tasty!
Hope you will have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fire in The Sky

This is how our sky looked on Sunday night!

Our mom and dad bean were in the parking lot behind sonbean's apartment building.  They said people were commenting on the fiery sky that evening.

However today is 'Tabby Tuesday'

I am clearly resting up and not expending too much of my energy since it appears things are quiet.

I have  a far more comfortable place to conserve my energy.

No, I do not plan to move even if mom or dad bean uses these stairs, although they may not agree.

Here I am with mombean, I am giving here some of my loves.

Happy Tuesday everyone!