Saturday, May 22, 2010

Productive Saturday

Our ancient computer is still having issues. That means that its hard drive died, like a month and a half ago. Okay, we have a temporary set up - wonder for how long? Oh, and the monitor takes fits but dat could be because the computer is making it do this. This is way too much information for everyone, especially us. Main thing it's working right this minute.

Dadbean worked today and so did sonbean, so mombean did some sewing. Dat wasn't very interesting to us, but when she got carried away, we reminded her when it was time to eat. Eventually, things got more exciting. She put her project - on the floor! How cool is that? We took our time checking out her work. We wanted her to leave it on da floor, but no she says it's not finished yet....and she says it's NOT for us! Well, it's too bright for us anyway, oh, and not nearly puffy enough.

We were going to post this on Saturday, but now it's least it IS getting posted (hopefully).

Purrs from Moe (the orange guy) and Mindy (the pretty girl).