Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Countdown

Today is Tuesday and it is also December 1st.

We think we will start the countdown 'til Christmas at our house.

We are starting off in a delicious way, that is because we kitties think about food - a lot!

These are peppermint patties our mombean made.  We are not supposed to have anything chocolate, however, did you know these are filled with cream cheese!  Yes, we are serious.....we watched these being made up and saw that yummy creamy cheese.  Even better, there is leftover cheese in our fridge.

Moe says

yes, I am sitting right beside our fridge, and I am ready for my sample of cheese whenever the door opens.

Mindy says

You are not the only one who likes cheese....I am a big cheese fan.  I like to savor it and enjoy it.  I do not gobble like you do Moe,  do you ever take time to savor the flavor?

Mike says

Cheese!  Where?  I am a huge fan of cheese any style.  I am not picky.

Cookie says

  I can't see those treats but I am sure they look great.  Must have taken our Mombean a while to make them.   However, leftover cream cheese sounds yummy.

My eye is doing better, I am glad of that, but I sure don't like the meds that my humans squirt into it.  I am very good when they do this, so I think I deserve lots and lots of special treats.

How about you.... our visitors.....are there preparations started at your house to welcome the coming festivities?

Our fur cousin, Oscar, has been having great fun destroying ALL the lights on the Christmas tree over at his house.....well he is still young and silly.

 None of the lights on this tree work any more!