Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo 2012

This is the fifth year that  KC has been celebrating and hosting a Cinco de Mayo Party.

We are joining in on the festivities and getting into the spirit and celebrating as well.

See you at the party and if we don't see you there, have a wonderful Saturday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gardening Wednesday

Moe:  I don't go out to the garden, I watch from a comfortable spot.

I figure that is the safest thing, except for some advice like 'grow more catnip for us, please'.

Mindy:  I often  look out at our garden, but not today.  

I am catching up on some rest.  It is early in the gardening season, I am waiting for the hummingbirds to arrive for the season.  Mombean says 'any day now', she put out their feeder today.

Mike:  I am keeping a general eye on things.   It is hard to keep track of mombean, because she has been going in and out to the garden so much today.

I believe I am exhausted, watching the comings and goings!

Cookie:  I am the one that loves the garden the most.  I sometimes get to go outside into it in search of my favorite blades of fresh grass.
Today, while mom was fixing up one of the gardening beds, she saw this creature.

WARNING: Stop reading now if you are the 'ewwww' type and don't like things that are long, skinny and move fast.

Are you still reading?

OK, here it is:

Yes, it is a snake.  Specifically a Garter Snake.  Apparently it is called 'garter' because it's pattern resembles the same pattern that used to be found on men's sock garters.  We're much too young to remember that tradition!   Mombean saw it while she was working on one of the garden beds.  In our part of the world this is the most common snake and is not very large - less than three feet.  It is completely harmless - unless you are a bug, slug or some other small creature like that.

Mombean says that this one was an unusually brave snake.  This is because even though she is a giant compared in size to it, the snake tried to scare her off by its hissing.   She says it doesn't actually make a sound, but opened it's mouth to make itself look bigger.   She tried to get a photo of this.

She wan't fast enough and this was the best she could do.  At lease she tried!  She hopes the creature will help control the critters that like to eat our plants - you know, the valuable ones like our catnip.

What kinds of gardening adventures do you have?  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunny on Sunday

A sunny day means sun puddles!

Moe:  I've found mine!

Mindy:  I'm going to watch some Bird TV, the sunshine brings them on!

Cookie:  My eyesight isn't all that great, so I'm going to get a few chin scritchies, OR I going to scatter all of the papers on the 'bean's desk as payback for the the flea treatment I got yesterday!

Mike:  Yes, Cookie, I got that smelly flea treatment too.  Don't you think we both deserve at least a whole can of 'Stinky Goodness' for each of us? 

We hope everyone out there is having a great weekend!!  Our is good, except for those two snowflakes Mindy saw out of that window.  Anyone else see those snowflakies?