Friday, May 23, 2014

Furr..iday is Here

I reminded our mombean that we are way behind in our posts.  The good weather is finally here and now there is lots to do outside and lots going on out there too. 
I am watching that naughty squirrel eat the birdseed.  Mom did not manage to get a photo of a bird feeding her baby bird in this feeder.  She will have to try again.
Now I want to introduce this lovely kitty.
Meet Anders
She is a very pretty kitty and lives with mom and dad's oldest son.  She is a foster kitty and hasn't found the perfect home yet.....or maybe she has!
Here is sonbean fixing up the wreck room in his basement.
Anders is a very good supervisor and keeps track of all that goes on.
With her expert snoopervision he is sure to do a perfect job!
Have a fabulous Friday everyone!