Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

We are so pleased and happy to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award from Nikita Cat. Thank You!

This award requires that we reveal seven things about us and then we need to pass the award on to seven more bloggers to continue the fun!

Well, ladies I, Mindy, will start.
# 1. I am the only girlcat in dis house - there are four mancats. I keep them in line, by coming up behind 'em and giving them a good whap - when they needs it - which is often, hee, hee. I also usually have the advantage - a headstart, that is, then the chase is on.

#2. I'm doing this one as well. Mombean is my special person. Dadbean and the sonbeans are great, too, but I am a tiny bit nervous of the large male beans. Mombean thinks this is because of my feral beginnings, when I was rescued and cared for by auntiebean, mom's sister.

Okay, okay, my turn........Moe here, you all know me, i'm the orinch guy.
#3. Food rules! I live to eat. I am the one responsible for getting mombean up in the early hours each morning to fix us our breakfast. I cannot stress how impawtant it is to start the day off right.....with a hearty meal..... or two, if we can convince dadbean that we haven't had breakfast yet.

#4. The second thing(s) about me that you should know about - hummm, I am a handsome dude (check) the top mancat (check) formerly feral, but I got over it unlike my sis, a proven hunter ( mouse count - at least 3), what else, oh yes, I am usually found in a comfortable sunny spot, with one eye open in case somethin' exciting happens.

Bon Bon here now, aka known as 'Bono', on account that it sounds more manly.
#5. I am one of three mancats (Cookie and Mike are the other two) that came here when our owner passed away. We are older than the siblings Mindy and Moe who were here first. We are seniors, all of us over 10 years probably. I am the all-white mancat with the least to say. I am very quiet. My favorite person is TallSon, I love to be in his lap when he is gaming or watching TV. He lets me sleep on his bed, too. The only issue I have with my new family is the fact that they don't seem to appreciate all the nice white furs I lovingly apply to all their clothes. They are constantly removing fur with brushes and rollers, sigh,

Hi! I'm Cookie.......the handsome tabby with no tail, but that's another tale.
#6. Well I needed a home too, and I'm glad to have arrived here with the others. I'm doing alright. I have a little kidney trouble, but I have my own low-protein food that helps. I usually sit at the computer with mombean and help her with these posts. Someone has to do the editing, duh, and I find this easy to do. I simply walk over the keyboard to help mombean out - I can never understand why she gets a little stressed when I help. I get no appreciation around here, sometimes. Her computer chair is so comfortable, I spend almost the whole day there.

At last, it's me.......Mike. I'm also known as "Michael the Cat!"
#7. Here goes number seven, and it's all about moi. I am also from the group of three that needed a new home. I was actually adopted out for a month to a nice family, but I was scared of the children that lived there. I had never been around any small 'beans before and I hid on them. They were sad when I left, but they knew I wasn't happy. When I came here, I flourished. I set out to win over TallSon (he's a big kid not a small bean). Good thing he was such a pushover....... he simply adores me. I love him lots too, I'm appreciative! What else do you need to know? Er, I am the largest cat in dis house, an hairy-est but least giving of my beautiful furs to clothes and furniture. They do not hold that against me, thank goodness. oh, yeah, mombean says I am the loudest furperson here. Okay, I admit it, that's true. I talk lots and often I like to yodel - just a tiny bit - at night especially. When it's 'lights out' I get a bit, well, lonesome. It's dark and I'm not sleepy. However, I do stop when they yell at me and then I settle down on the beans' bed. Ah, quite the life. I like it here, and the food is good, too, even that frozen mushroom that I ate off of the floor when it got dropped. Is that why mombean calls me "garbage guts?" No need to be rude, food is food after all. Oh, gotta run....I think TallSon just started up the bar-be-cue. Talk to y'all another time.

We will pass this on to:

Cliff and Olivia
Lisa, Jack and Baby
The Creek Cats
Zoey, Ernie and Wally
Cheysuli, Gemini, Georgia

Mike and TallSon

Hold on, the rest of us want to know .... where are our photos?


Bon Bon



Ah, much better!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Finding Friday

Look, a grand discovery! Such a dee-licious smell, I need to check this out more carefully.

Humph, busted! I didn't even get to lick any at all, not a crumb. And it's the crumb part I wanted - not the sticky dates.

Time to go into hunting mode. Lessee, a bag of Temptations was in dis cupboard.

Hey, Mike, check this out.

Moe, you goof, these are band-aids.

I got 'em this time, Mike.

You're hopeless Moe, these are cough drops.

Mindy: now watch ME get those Temptations. "Mombean, please. You know you can't resist my plea, plus I''m cute"

There guys, easy peasy.

We hope everyone has a great 'food finding Friday'

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Team on Thursday

I get to have my say first, today, because....look at my caption.......I Rule! I am the only girlcat in dis house, so I matter around here.

I have my own room, complete with personal litterbox. Mombean made me a bed, too. It's all in our attic, my special place. Even when the door is closed, I can get up da attic stairs to my 'own' room. The boycats go up there sometimes, but I do not welcome them. Besides, they suffer from anxiety up there, because da attic is much too far away from the kitchen and they think about food a lot. Especially Moe and Mike.

Moe: My turn - to defend myself. Eating is very important. We mancats have to patrol the premises for introoders. All that jumping up on da windowsills and looking out and running to the door every time it opens, dat works up a furious appetite.

Bon Bon: Don't forget that we mancats have to look good too. Here I am in da kitchen where I can wash AND watch for when meals are being prepared.

Mike: I love meals. I usually try to persuade mombean that I haven't had anything to eat in - oh, weeks. She doesn't buy that though.

Cookie: I has special low protein foods, all for me. It's because of my kidneys, at least that's what they told me. I don't complain because I really like my new food.

I had some surgery in December, but I am feeling lots better now. Wish my furs would grow back faster though.

Hope everyone has a fun filled day with lots of extra snacks.