Friday, October 7, 2011

Frosty Friday

Good Morning!  Cookie reporting to day. 

I just checked to see if the lap top is on.   Next I'll get mombean to help me with our blog.  

It has turned cold, yesterday we saw some snow flurries, yikes. 
 However, in spite of a sunny morning, mombean went out on the deck and saw frost!

It won't last though, which is good because I like going out on the deck, but hate cold feet!   Before the sun hits the garden,  mombean took a couple of 'frost' pictures.

Our grass

at the edge of the lawn, the plants look so white.

Don't worry they'll survive, it's a  light frost.

As soon as this blog post is finished, mombean is going to get busy.  She has been collecting ingredients.  Huh, ingreedy....what?  Not sure what she means.  I see, she says it has to do with food.  Ok, I'm interested, I LOVE food.

Cookie:  Mombean what IS this stuff on da countertop?
Mombean:  I need to make a vegan Tourtiere and a vegan friendly pumpkin pie.

Cookie:  Oh, now I remember, someone in our family does not eat meat or dairy and they are having a get together to celebrate three birthdays and Canadian Thanksgiving, too.   Um, how can you have a proper celebration without turkey?

Mombean:  Oh, Cookie, there's going to be a roast turkey, would be like us to bring you back some? 

Cookie:  I bet you know what my answer was!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and on Monday - Canadian kitties celebrate Thanksgiving and in the US it is Columbus Day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Washday with Bono

  I heard dat washing machine start up.  I raced - okay, maybe I just walked fast - to the laundry room.

After a bazillion years da machine stopped churning and sloshing around - den comes the exciting part.  All da water dat was in da machine comes rushing out, really fast.  This is my favorite part!!   Then da water swirls around and around in da set tub, it's fascinating to watch - really, try it yourself.

After a few minutes da waters start disappearing into da drain hole at the bottom of the tub.  After dat,  I's not sure where it goes, but the fun part is over a'cause der's no more water left.

I wish mombean would come and watch wif me, she is missing all the fun!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2nd is LiveStrong Day

We are supporting the global movement LiveStrong Day
which is a day of global, collective action in the fight against cancer.

Cookie is a cancer survivor - almost two years now, it is why he had to have his tail removed.  His previous owner died from breast cancer after a very long battle with it.