Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday with Drizzle

That is what our humans call the tiny bits of moisture that we had today.

That is okay with us.
We can use the time for some long naps.

There is not much activity out in our yard.  
Oh well, I can practice sleeping positions in my favorite that I think about it, all the padded chairs are my favorites.

 I am in my favorite chair.
Just my size, purrfect

 Still very humid and damp.  That makes me hungry.
I wonder what I can get into....I mean, I wonder what goodies I might "find" in the kitchen....on the counters.

 When I want a snack, I just bide my time and look really, really cute. 
I have a small but persistent voice.

 fillet 'o fish
 Ah, this is my idea of a tasty snack

Check out what it says on the sign.
  Halfway to the North Pole.   That is, IF you wanted to go there, you would be halfway there.

Guess what, we are not going there.

PS the mastadon in the photo is not real because they are no worries..... and have a great day everyone!