Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

The look in my eyes says it all. What a guy has to put up with from the silly beans, especially the sonbean.

Of course, I must be well compensated. My price is - a tasty snack.

Food, food....delicious. When it comes to my tummy, I am easily bought!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old Christmas Day

Mombean says January 6th is sometimes called 'Old Christmas Day'. This is confusing to us because we just celebrated Christmas and had a great time. She told us that there is a bit of history around the adoption of the Gregorian calendar . Huh? Mom do you realize that this is 'too much information'! What we really need to know is, do we get a snack before bedtime tonight? We you almost missed it last night.

Yep, you were so busy being angry at the vishus deer. Had to be deer. See all those tracks? Not our paw prints!

Mindy: We only eat indoor plants.


Moe: I am sure the holly bush will grow more leaves.

Bono: since when did you take up horticulture, Moe?

Milo: Mindy refuses to be my buddy.

I feel sad and hurt. I want to be friends...really.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Sunday in 2009

Bono: How I am spending Sunday.

Moe: I am keeping watch and looking towards the kitchen

Mindy: I like to hang out in the attic, I have a nice bed there.

Here is a kitty we are fostering. A tuxie named Milo. Milo is very, very shy. Loves attention and doesn't hiss at the beans anymore.

It was a beautiful sunny day, yesterday, and it warmed up a lot.

These big metal monsters, keep the roads clear enough so our beans can go out to get us our food and treats. See the treat store in the background.

They are huge.

Mickey, Georgia & Tillie's mom is having a birthday today. Have a wonderful birthday Auntie Bean!!

Have a relaxing Sunday, everyone!