Wednesday, October 16, 2013

National Feral Cat Day

Hi, from Mindy -
This morning I looked at our calendar -
Did you know that October 16th is National Feral Cat Day?
Since I was born feral and eventually rescued, I want to pay tribute to all who  rescue or help feral cats in any way.
One person who does this is Pierre's Alley Cats and his special mission is to rescue the many 'dockyard cats' found in our port city.
We bought two of the calendars which are sold as a way to raise funds for the kitties at the dockyard.
This calendar has proven to be very useful!  Today, 16th October, is National Feral Cat Day and if you look ahead the 29th October is National Cat Day!
Oh, yes, Thursday the 31st is Halloween!  Do you have your costume picked out yet?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving in Canada was yesterday.
Our humans were away lots this month, however, they are back home and were around to help us celebrate this important occasion!
They always cook a turkey, and we always get to have some.  If fact, they always have way more than they can possibly eat in our fridge.  We HAVE to help them eat up our turkey and we are definitely helping with that!!
I am watching the doorway to the kitchen.
I am also watching and listening!
I am not in a deep sleep, my ears are alert, hoping some turkey will be served soon!
I will have a quick wash before the turkey is served.

Another reason this time of year is special to us, is that it is our human grandma's birthday.  This year she is 89 years old - something to celebrate! 

Here she is blowing out her birthday candles!

Where we live, we get some lovely fall colours to help us celebrate our Thanksgiving.
and it is also harvest time
lots of pumpkins
Our humans grow these to make jelly
We have one grapevine in our yard, but there is usually enough to make at least one jar of grape jelly - but one jar is enough.
While our humans were away in the Annapolis Valley they visited these ponies
they live near our human Auntie and Uncle and very close to where Mindy and Moe were born.
We have to show you a photo of the beautiful sunsets we always look forward to, especially lovely at this time of year -
Now back to snoozing and dreaming about that delicious turkey!