Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ages ago we got "This Blog Has Glamor Award" from Jasmim.
Thank you so much for giving this to us.

to participate:

First, Wish List five of consumption (extravagances)that would leave you with more oomph.
2. Make a list of eight things that you want to do before you die.
3. Leave a comment for whom called.
4. Indicate 10 friendly with very alert and glamor that have been chosen!

If money were no object, list five things on your wish list that would add a little oomph to your life.

1. a few hundred cases of Temptations kitty treats in all the available flavours.

2. a field of prim-o catnip

3. our own private screened patio with access to the kitchen

4. no trips to the vet

5. stinky goodness on demand

Our list of eight things to do before we die:

1. investigate the woods behind our house

2. a chance to try catching those birdies we see from our windows

3. beat up intooder cats in our yard

4. be able to speak 'human' so we can make our beans understand a few important things - we've tried our best, especially Mike

5. visit the basement - we've never been allowed there.

6. visit another neighbourhood

7. try out some fishing in the pond

8. Oh, almost forgot, win the lottery so we can do a whole bunch more things

There you go! We are not sure who has done this, therefore consider yourself tagged if you'd like to do it.

Since we haven't visited in a while, you might forget what we look like.




Bon Bon and Mike

We have one more to show you, taken in our back yard.

These awesome clouds have been around for weeks, it seems. Impressive as these are, they have been giving us lots and lots of rain!