Friday, November 30, 2012

Brrrrrr.......on Friday!


It looks so wonderfully sunny outside today, BUT there is a strong wind AND it's chilly, know - cold!

Mombean says we've been spoiled with our lovely warm fall, that we'er 'due' for some cool temps.


Mindy you are right about this coolness, I feel it too, so I'll keep warm in this box on top of our mini fridge.  So glad I claimed it first.  


Hello effurryone,  I'm in the upstairs hallway looking through the stair railing.  You know you two should come up here - heat rises, it's nice and warm up here.


You are right Cookie, I am at the top of the stairs - ah, feeling the warm blast on my fur.  Uh, did anyone figure out WHY it is so cold?  When I asked mombean about it, she said not to worry because the weather will warm up over the weekend.   I can wait, because in the meantime I will go take a long nap.

Anyone else out there, feeling a nip in the air today?