Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We Need Rain!!

There are forest fires in our area, this causes us to smell smoke which is very irritating to everyone and us kitties too.

If you have spare rain,  send some of those clouds our way, please.

We had our neighbour kitty come over for her visit and here she is on our deck.

 Miss Callie is her name.  Her humans are our neighbors.  However, they stole her furs!!!

Mom says they gave her the 'lion' cut.


No thanks, no lion cut for me

 Miss Callie, would like to come in!
 But, I, Mike, am guarding the door.

Good thing, too.

Hope everyone, has a great (non smokey) day!

Monday, August 8, 2016

World Cat Day

It is World Cat Day

Now that is something to celebrate!

 I think I will celebrate by arranging these nice red flowers.
They smell good, and I might just have a little, tiny, taste.

 Well that did not work
 My mombean thought I might want to snack on the flowers, so they got put away.
Instead I got some Temptations snacks - way better!

Me again!
Purrs, Mindy