Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rainy Weekend

It is raining and raining so far this weekend.  Our bird and squirrel "TV" isn't very interesting because the critters have sense enough to stay warm and dry and not venture out.   So there is no activity around the bird feeder or in the yard.

We saw mombean trying to take a 'rain' photo this evening. We didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying to her that rain does not make an interesting photo. 

However, one of her rain photo 'dud' shots - we liked.

Those small lit up rain drops looked almost like hearts to us.

Meanwhile, one of us saw an opportunity in the kitchen.  A loaf of fiber bread was left unattended on the kitchen counter.  It was, however, tucked safely into its bag......or so it was thought.

The Bread Thief has struck!

Moe:  Oh no, who is so desperate?  I mean 'fiber' is not the first thing I would think of to gnaw on. 

I just can`t look!

Cookie:   It wasn`t me, but I have a good idea who might be responsible.

Yes, indeed, I saw Mike getting a bit choked-up, a while ago.  Bet he ate too much... ummm, fiber.  I am willing to bet he`is the guilty one.

Mike says:  You think it was me!!!

Bono says:  Yep. 

Also, I think it might also have been you that took the donut last night.   It was wrapped in a paper napkin and placed in the upper cupboard for safe keeping - supposedly.  It was found on the kitchen counter this morning, thoroughly gnawed.

Hummm, strange things sometimes happen during rainy weekends.......that is my story and I am sticking to it........signed, Mike.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tabby Tuesday - Still Winter

Yes, it is still winter where we are, but a good one so far.  The outdoor rink across the street is great for skating, although we don't own skates and don't know of any kitties that do own skates.  We do quite well without them.

Last Friday, we got this snow cloud.  It arrived quickly and moved on just as quickly.

On Saturday morning, the sun came out and we woke up to this lovely winter scene in our backyard.

We love sunshine and sleep.  So here is Bono and Mike enjoying a few colourful rays!

Our beans went away on Sunday to visit our furcousin, Bradley, and his people too, of course.

Doesn't he look comfy?

On the way back home, our beans got a photo of a beautiful sunset!

We hope everyone is enjoying a good week, hopefully with nice sunbeams and sunsets, too!!