Saturday, June 22, 2013

Photo Hunt - DayDream

The theme for this week's Saturday Photo Hunt is - Daydream and Sculptures.

Here is our photo, taken last Thursday.

It is easy to daydream of being aboard the cruise ship MS Maasdam as it leaves our harbour after spending a lovely and warm, sunny day in our port.  It is about to pass the lighthouse on Hangman's Beach on McNab's Island.

Our photo of sculpture for this theme is a statue of Samuel Cunard who started the Cunard shipping company - his day dreams turned into reality with the success of his business

Follow these links to view and/or  participate: here  and here


Did you know we kitties like to daydream! 

This is a stray kitty that likes to hang out over at our 'furcousin's' home and our human likes to think it was doing a bit of daydreaming while enjoying this green and shady spot.  She had to use the long lens on the camera because this kitty is very nervous of strangers.

....and here are the four of us, daydreaming in our own ways:

"What are you daydreaming of, striped cat from Bali?" 
Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Almost Summer!

Yep, by tomorrow we will have the longest day of this year! Wow, we wonder how many meals and snacks we can connive outa our humans. After all we need to keep up our strength during the l-o-n-g-e-s-t day!

Mindy:  I am waiting for the refrigerator to open, so's I can make my selection of tasty treats.  I think I saw some ham in there.

Moe:  From here I have a great view and I manage to get lots of attention as well, important when food hunting.

Mike:  My watching for treats place is perfect for me, on top of the trash bin.  Excellent view of all the food related activity.

 Cookie:  I cannot see, but I hear just fine, my nose works well and I can speak very loud.  I don't miss any treats. 

Gosh, are we too demanding?  

One great thing about spring, though, is the lovely colorful flowers!  Our humans took a photo of this beautiful rhododendron!  It is not ours, though, because ours are not quite open.

This one is in the front lawn of a house that is up for sale.  Great timing!!