Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's Caterday and Cold!

Where we are, our Saturday is freezing cold!  However, the sun is shining and that makes all the difference to us.

Here is one of our windows, see the frost - proof you know.

I like to look out of that window, and when the sun shines it is very warm on my fur.  So what if it is cold outside, I am inside!  Plus I can keep a watch on what is going on in the neighbourhood.

 I already checked that window, took one look and thought to myself -  'yep  cold out there'  and went to find a comfortable bed to snooze on. 

 I will be the optimistic one, because I heard that it is going to warm up considerably by tomorrow.  I am counting on that.  That way I will get to see lots of activity outside, especially looking forward to - my favorite activity - bird watching.

 Can you see me?  I am the handsome one next to the wall.  I am not very happy that Moe photobombed me.   Has this every happened to any of you out there?